After years of life on the move in his homeland and abroad, Pennsylvania-born Jason Lee Haines finally settled down long enough to allow his musical ideas a chance to catch up with him in the beautiful city of Vienna, Austria. Songs began to be written on acoustic & resonator guitars, mandolin, banjo and ukulele. An incidental theme of tonewoods was noted amongst this modest collection of folk instruments, and the resulting songwriting project became Maple & Mahogany.


     In spring 2014, Jason joined forces with double bassist and vocalist Maria Leubolt for live performances, studio recordings & general musical love making. Since then they've become a seasoned, intense live act (everybody says so), performing Jason's many original songs despite not having any studio releases under their belt.


     The self titled debut ep was finally released in autumn 2017 along with a special Maple & Mahogany beer that Jason brewed at Beaver Brewing Company. This hoppy brown ale was aged on maple & mahogany wood from guitars built by luthier Reinhard Blumberger.


     Reports are still unclear as to whether the beer tastes better while listening to the music, or whether the music sounds better while drinking the beer. Several musicians have confirmed enhanced technical abilities after drinking just one pint, but only on folk instruments built from maple and/or mahogany wood. Unfortunately, one guy with a guitar made of rosewood & spruce forgot all the chords he knew, dropped his pick in the soundhole, and quit playing guitar all together. His fiancé has since left him for Maria & her double bass.


     The duo is back in the studio and recording a full length album set to be released in autumn 2019.




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