"Whispers" short film / music video release party with live performance

Cafe Lassa, Thurngasse 19, Vienna, Austria

Shot over the course of a year, "Whispers" is a short film style music video that explores themes of time, new beginnings, grief and acceptance -- in no particular order.

Featuring actress Julia Prock-Schauer and filmed / directed by Georg Melichar of digitalmovies.at

Shot on location at Café Lassa and other sites around Vienna, Austria.

We will play a short, 30 minute live concert before the film screening.

Free entry. Donations appreciated.

Jason & Maria duo performance

18:30 - Doors 19:30 - 30 minute live performance 20:00 - "Whispers" screening debut 20:15 - After party

More info at: https://www.facebook.com/events/2219084468354822/