Backpack Sessions Documentary Series

Posted on Sept. 6th, 2018

We're very humbled & honored to be featured in the upcoming Backpack Sessions documentary series! We had a great day shooting and hanging out with Ivo & Matthijs this past Saturday. Really cool guys. Really cool project. 

Today they're finishing up their road trip to 5 cities in Europe where they've filmed with local musicians living in each city: following them around the city, conducting interviews and filming live sessions. The idea is to get off the beaten path and get a glimpse of the musicians' connection to the city. Maria Leubolt & I brought them to a few places near and dear to our music: My apartment, Mikes' Werkstatt & Beaver Brewing Company. 

Here's their vlog post from their Vienna leg of their trip -- a behind the scenes look at their day of filming with us here in Vienna. It's in Dutch but you can get the jist of what's going on :) Videodagboek dag 11: Vienna / Maple & Mahogany

The full documentary series, radio interviews and EP of the live sessions are tentatively set to be released later this autumn. And yes, there will be English subtitles for all of us non-Dutch speakers ;) 

Check out the project in greater detail here: 

Best of luck to you boys! We're really looking forward to seeing the finished project and the other cities and bands you featured!

Cheers, Jason