Facebook Live Concert │ April 11th

Grab some popcorn and throw your feet up on the coffee table. I'm coming live to your living room from... well, my living room in Vienna, Austria. This live stream concert is a chance for my widespread family, friends & fans to come together for the first time, in real time. We may all be socially distanced but we can still enjoy the atmosphere and community of live music!

This will be a solo show as Maria & I are both taking social distancing very seriously.

Due to COVID-19, I'm currently laid off from my job as a brewer and also not able to work my side-jobs as a freelance English teacher & live performing musician. This Facebook Live concert is 100% free to watch on the Maple & Mahogany Facebook page, but for those with big hearts & the means to contribute, we'll be passing the digital hat at https://www.gofundme.com/f/jason-lee-haines-live-stream-concert 

Music starts at 9pm Austria time / 3pm USA EST 

The broadcast will start about 20 minutes before the music begins so y'all can get yourselves cozy & connected. Please feel free to invite any of your pals who might also enjoy some real live human music 😎✌️ 

P.S. Anybody with internet access can tune in -- you don't actually need to be "on Facebook". The Maple & Mahogany Facebook page is pubic, so just go there at showtime! www.facebook.com/mapleandmahogany

Stay healthy & safe out there everyone.

Much love,