St. Paddy's Day Party with Yunger! 

This St. Paddy's day we finally get to share the stage with Yunger!

I met Felix at one of my first recording sessions at Downfall Studio back in 2014. The dude is just an absolutely amazing guitarist, from jazz to technical metal/hardcore, he's just doing it all at an incredible level. We were recording "Leaving Shortly" when Felix hopped on his guitar and shredded a mighty fine improvised guitar solo. I had planned to add mandolin, but Felix's electric guitar definitely fit the bill that day. Have a listen and you'll know what I mean.

He's now been pushing ahead with his folk project for the past couple of years, which has been really cool to see. We've been wanting to play a gig together for a while, and finally, we put one up on the calendar!

This will probably be one of the last (or the last) Maple & Mahogany live performances until we release our upcoming album (we're shooting for an autumn 2020 release) so we hope to see some of beloved Vienna peoples out and about for this one!

I'll be playing some new stuff with more banjo this time around. Felix and I are also planning to do some mandolin & guitar stuff together as well (including some Irish stuff of course). Maria has been crazy busy with her new job, but she's a (kantra)boss and will also be in the house holding it down with her smooth vocals & double bass.

Come get your folk on & drink some green beer with us --  it's probably not the cure for the Corona Virus -- but we won't know until we try.

Cheers, Jason