Two Trees 🌳🌲 A New Video Project by Maple & Mahogany

Episode I: "Around the Sun"
On Location with Dominik Pfeffer

We're excited to kick off 2021 with a new video project called Two Trees. Each episode will feature a new song from our upcoming album that we record live.. a sort of preview or sneak peek if you will. We'll also accompany the song with a short behind the scenes narrative and/or some good ol' Jason & Maria antics and shenanigans.

This first episode captures some fun we had on a promo photoshoot with our good friend Dominik Pfeffer. The photos he shot that day are then showcased later in the video during our new song Around the Sun. A few of the images may look familiar because they're featured here on our website.

Dominik's not only a super talented photographer, he's also a lovely human being. We can't thank him enough for all the great photos over the years.

It's also no coincidence that we decided to kick off this video series with this particular song on this particular day of the year. Check out the lyrics to Around the Sun here. 

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